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History of American Workers, Fall 2014
Relational Identification Project (Midterm Exam)

Instructions: Write a well-organized and thoughtful essay that begins with a short thesis statement and integrates three (3) terms from each of the three (3) categories shown below. Show that you see relationships between the terms and major themes of the class. Finish your essay with a brief CONCLUSION that summarizes or reinforces your main points. Please identify in BOLD which terms you are using. Essays should be 4-5 pages in length (or 1200-1500 words), using 12-font and double spacing, with one-inch margins. Essays are due in class on Wednesday October 8. Before I begin grading your paper, I need to see that you turned in a copy through the internet-based plagiarism-prevention website “Turn-it-In.” Remember, plagiarism is not only a violation of the student conduct code, but also grounds for dismissal from the University.


Tips: Think of the thesis of your essay as a SKELETON and the terms as FLESH you will add to make a body. Keep the thesis and conclusion short, 3-4 sentences for each is probably appropriate. Follow instructions carefully. Do not simply regurgitate facts or rearrange words from assigned readings or a website. Formulate a clear thesis or argument that shows you have attended classes regularly and completed the assigned readings.
In grading your paper, I will be looking to see clear evidence that you have read the assigned readings and can think relationally and write clearly. Your thesis statements must be logical and somehow tie your terms together into a coherent argument that reflects one or more major theme of the class. As a rule of thumb, I suggest creating two paragraphs a page, each of which should begin with a strong topic sentence that pulls the rest of the information in the paragraph into a coherent whole. Follow instructions carefully and be mindful of the due date.
1. Individuals: Harvey Swados, Barbara Ehrenreich, Sam Gompers, William Haywood, Herbert Gutman, David Montgomery, Mother Jones, Eugene Debs, George Pullman.

2. Groups: miners, anarchists, Knights of Labor, shirtwaist workers, plantation workers, musicians, Wobblies, railroad workers, steel workers.

3. Concepts: exploitation, manliness, workers’ response, industrialization, the working class, radicalism, cultural baggage, technological change, the nature of work.

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